Nothing about life insurance is “One Size Fits All”. Customization is key. Whether you are looking for a custom pair of jeans or ordering your morning coffee, you want options.

Why wouldn’t you expect anything less when it comes to financial security.

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This is a poem that personalizes the need for insurance. Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. In the state of NV, your employer is may only allot three days off from work if a family member dies. Could you go back to work if you lost a family member after 3 days?

Bereavement leave refers to the time an employee takes away from work as a result of the death of a family member or loved one.

Doctor discussing issues with a patient
Dear Insured, 
I am a promise 
I help man see visions, dream dreams, and achieve economic immortality 
I am education for children 
I am savings 
I am also property that can increase in value from year to year 
I lend money when you need it most with no questions asked 
I pay off mortgages so that the family can remain together in its own home 
I assure fathers the daring to live and the moral right to die 
I create, manage, and distribute property 
I am the great emancipator from want 
I guarantee the continuity of business.... I protect the jobs of employees.... I conserve the employer’s investment 
I am tangible evidence that a man is a good husband and father 
I am declaration of financial independence, a charter of economic freedom 
I am the difference between an old man and an elderly gentleman 
I provide cash if illness, injury, old age, or death cuts off the breadwinner’s income 
I am the only thing that a father can buy on the installment plan that a mother doesn't have to finish paying for 
I am a certificate of character, an evidence of good citizenship, and unimpeachable title to the right of self-government 
I am protected by the laws that prevent creditors from assessing the money I give to your loved ones 
I bring dignity, peace of mind, and security to latter years of life
I am here for those you love
Life Insurance helps you stop worrying about the future. Do you have a solution in place, if something happened to you unexpectedly?
  1. What would happen to your kids’ future?
  2. What would happen to the house?
  3. Could the utilities be paid on time?
  4. Will there be enough food on the table each and every day.
  5. Will your spouse have to go back to work?
  6. Will they have to move in with your parents?
  7. Would you kids have to stop their extra-curricular activities?

The reasons behind buying life insurance can be difficult to think about. But it can be as simple as protect the future of the ones you love just in case the unforeseen happens.


Here is a story that I want to pass on.

She is only six years old, and she’s bewildered.  Her daddy died a few months ago, and the world has been different ever since.

She used to come running home from school, eager to tell her mother all of the excitement of life in the first grade.  Now she goes reluctantly to the elderly woman who “keeps” her until her mother goes home from work. 

She used to have a new spring outfit every year.  This year her mother let the hem out of last year’s dress, and cried when she found she had to buy her a new spring coat. 

She used to go downtown with her parents every Saturday.  First, they would go to the library, and then they’d buy a “Little Surprise” for her, or they’d all have a chocolate soda at the drugstore.  Now she and her mother just go the library.  There haven’t been any little surprises since Christmas, and chocolate sodas occur only when her uncle comes to visit.

She used to go to ballet class with the other little girls she knows.  Now she listens wistfully when they talk about their costumes for recital.  (It would be such fun to be dressed up like a peppermint stick!)

She used to curl up on the sofa beside her mother every night for a bedtime story.  Now her mother says, “I’m too tired to read tonight, honey.  Please go on to bed like a good girl.”

She used to coax her parents into picnic suppers in the nearby park once or twice a week when the weather was nice.  Now her mother always says, “I’m sorry, dear; but I don’t have time to bother with it.”  Now she has quit asking.

She used to laugh and romp and sing with a little girl’s uncomplicated happiness in being alive.  Now she’s quiet and subdued, as she puzzles over the many changes in her world. 



Agent: Mr. & Mrs. Customer, we have made some good enhancements to your auto and home policies.
After reviewing your account I noticed that you do not have any life insurance with me. Who do you
have your life insurance with?
Customer: I do not have any.
Agent: I know that we have briefly discussed it in the past but we have never taken a thorough look to
see what your Life Insurance needs are. What is your understanding of life insurance?
Customer: Well, if I die someone gets money.
Agent: That’s correct. The way I look at life insurance is like getting the mail.

Agent: I find that there are 3 things we get in the mail….
Number one is Junk mail: we can shred it, recycle it or throw it away.
Number two is fun stuff like birthday cards, tax returns, magazine subscriptions and party invitations.
And the 3rd item is what?
Customer: Bills!
Agent: That’s right. Unfortunately at the end of the day we have to do what with the bills?
Customer: Pay them.
Agent: That’s correct. Would you agree that if you or your spouse were unable to financially contribute
to your family, it may become difficult to pay your bills?
Customer: Yes.

Tough question. Strait up. Truthfully, if you don’t make it home from wherever you are right now, would your untimely death be a burden to someone else? Sit back and think about that. I would like you to think about your life around you. I would like you to think about what you have spent your money on lately.

Let’s start from the beginning. You graduated college. You started your first full-time at a very good wage that gives you a chance to qualify for a home mortgage to buy a house. Now it’s time to go out and buy some furniture for your new home. The bad thing is you rack up a lot of credit card debt. Then you need clothes for that new job. Then your wife needs clothes, shoes, purses, makeup, perfume, jewelry. Christmas comes and you don’t want to be a Scrooge so you rack those credit cards up a little more…

Please read the initial question and pause. Will your other half be able to survive on only one income That most likely is less than yours, and keep the house? Could your family spend money the same way if you were gone? Do you have
a back-up plan to take care of that problem?

The next surprise is your wife tells you she is pregnant. You have a baby. You didn’t have health insurance and now the hospital and the doctor offices are calling you for payment. More debt but more joy….and more responsibility.

On an average day in the United States, 7,000 people die unexpectedly every day. That’s 2,500,000 a year. So there is a good chance that someone you know may have died unexpectedly. My first client that died was a comedian who just moved here after getting a divorce. He was so happy. He died a year later unexpectedly. My second client was a young 42-year old lady who was just driving down the road who became unconscious suddenly. A friend’ agent of mine first
client death was a baby who fell out of the crib and was lodged between the crib and dresser. She suffocated by morning. You would think that the parents would just want to go back to bed and pull the covers over their heads! They couldn’t. They had other children in the home.

Life insurance will give you the money to take time off from work and pull the covers over your head for a while.

At the heart of it, if you’re like most people, you buy life insurance for a few of the following reasons:.

  • Life insurance is about taking care of loved ones.. It’s about meeting responsibilities and keeping promises. You view your decision to purchase life insurance from your family’s point of view, not your own. You see life insurance is a tool that protects your spouse and children from the potentially devastating financial losses that can result if you die prematurely.
  • Life insurance is for the living. It’s not about you. Your life insurance is invested in is in place to protect and provide financial relief for those who must carry on without you. It’s about them.
  • Life insurance is an expression of love and caring. Because you care about your family, you want to ensure the financial security of family members if you’re suddenly not around to provide it.
  • Should you die, the proceeds will help you keep the promises you have made to the people who are important to you.
  • By protecting their financial future, you’re enabling your loved ones to maintain their lifestyle, if something unexpected should happen to you.
  • Life insurance buys time and options.

Too often, when an income earner dies, survivors are forced to make tough, dramatic decisions—and to do so quickly. They have to make the decisions at a time when they may not be emotionally in a position to make good choices. Life insurance gives survivors a chance to adjust over time rather than having to move to a downsized home or find a new job right away.

Your life insurance gives your family choices by providing the benefits to help pay off debts, to help meet housing payments and ongoing living expenses, to help fund college educations for your children or grandchildren, and much, much more.

• Life insurance provides cash when it’s needed most.

Your life insurance policy can deliver a specified sum of money at the exact time of need. Upon your death, your family can be assured that the amount you’ve chosen—perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe even millions—will be there almost immediately. And that death benefit is generally not subject to federal income taxes. For example, a $500,000 policy provides $500,000 in death benefit proceeds.

Life insurance is for those you love and back again.

None of us wants to die. We all want to live a long life.

Unfortunately, everyone is going to die, and by getting life insurance, you
provide a means to allow your survivors to continue to live
with dignity.

If you are not completely certain that your coverage is in line with your family’s needs, please contact All Risk Insurance Solutions Inc. (702) 541-0882 When you meet, you’ll work together to determine how much coverage you need, review what products and policies are right for you, and review cost comparisons.

Your decision today could help them later. With life insurance, you can know that no matter what tomorrow may bring, you can help support your family or your business.

Who Needs Life Insurance?

  • Do you have someone that depends on your support? They need life insurance on you.
  • Do you work in a high-risk job in aviation, construction, emergency response, agriculture, health care setting, manufacturing, military, hazardouse material handling, mining, oil, etc.
  • Are you a thrill-seeker because you enjoy rock climbing, scuba diving, fly an airplane, the the need for life insurance can increase.
  • Are you self-employed and you would like to have your partner buy you out or would you like to work with your partner’s spouse?
  • Are you starting a family and your spouse and your new child depend on you?
  • If you spouse is a stay-at-home parent, who would teach your children if something happens to your stay-at-home spouse? Have you considered how much it would be to have your children start daycare, if your spouse could no longer care for your children while you were at work?
  • Do you have aging parents that rely on you?
  • Do you have debt or a mortgage?
  • If you have a federal student loan, they are forgiven at death. Private loans are a different matter. Also, if you have a co-signer on your private student loan or you live in a a community-property state like Nevada, life insurance may be a good choice to consider.
  • Do you own a successful business? If you set up a “key person” or a “buy/sell agreement”, a life insurance policy could fund that agreement. The benefit is your key employees will still get paid in your absence and the business could continue.
  • Do you need collateral to secure a business loan?


  1. You are never going to die.
  2. You are going to inherit a fortune.
  3. You are going to win the lottery.
  4. Your children are going to support you.
  5. You are never going to retire.
  6. The government will take care of you.

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