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It’s impossible to predict whether you might lose a lawsuit resulting from a car accident or an accident on your property. Nor is it possible to predict the amount that might be awarded to the winning party, an amount that you would be responsible for paying. To protect yourself against the possibility of devastating financial loss from these unforeseen events, you may want to purchase an umbrella.

You don’t have to be wealthy to need an umbrella policy – even if you don’t have any assets, your wages can be garnished.

You can get sued for a million just like that.

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An umbrella policy picks up where your auto and homeowners insurance policies leave off. 

Businesses need an umbrella too. A commercial umbrella policy extends the limits of some of your primary liability insurance policies, such as general liability insurance and commercial auto insurance. Our commercial umbrella insurance is flexible. It can extend the liability coverage of policies you may have with other insurance companies. So, if you have a general liability insurance policy from another insurer, we can help extend that policy. Let’s say one of your employees gets into a car accident while making a delivery to a customer. The property damage and bodily injury costs exceed your business’ commercial auto liability limits. If you don’t have a commercial umbrella policy, you’d have to pay the amount that exceeds your policy limit, putting your business at financial risk. That’s why it’s important to have umbrella coverage. 

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